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How to Track "No Sale" Transactions in Counterpoint

Author: Jeff Burge Reference Number: AA-02802 Views: 3034 Created: 05/27/2016 02:19 PM Last Updated: 05/27/2016 02:19 PM 0 Rating/ Voters


 Must have a cash drawer setup in Counterpoint in Legacy or New Framework.

Counterpoint Users must have their Point of Sale security code set to "allow run page" actions


 How to setup and track a “No Sale” in Counterpoint

  •       Create a non-inventory item called “No-Sale” or auto-assign an item number if the system is set to always auto-assign items, and create inventory records for all locations for this item.

  •        Create a new page in Touchscreen setup called “Track No Sale”.

  •       Create a Button with the action of “Run Page”, with a caption of “No Sale”, and set the “run page” field to the new page you created.

  •        Go to the “Track No Sale” page and set the first button with the action of “Item” and select the “No Sale” item you created.

  •               On the second button, set the action to “Complete”, and save the touchscreen change. Now, open Touchscreen Ticket Entry and test the "No Sale" button.  I will now open the drawer.  You can track the use of the "no sale" option by running a ticket history report based on the item number of the "No Sale" item to view how many times it has been used and who used it.

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