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How to Flash an Ingenico iSC250 with Firmware Version 14.0.6

Author: Kevin Krizan Reference Number: AA-02793 Views: 14602 Created: 05/02/2016 10:09 PM Last Updated: 05/02/2016 10:09 PM 0 Rating/ Voters

How to upgrade the firmware on an Ingenico iSC250 to version 14.0.6 for EMV using the USB drive and dongle from Red Rook.  


1) Power off the Ingenico by unplugging the AC adapter or removing the power connection from the serial cable. After the device is fully powered off, disconnect the serial cable from the PC it is connected to. 

2) Connect the flash drive to the USB dongle, but do not plug into the Ingenico at this time. 

 3) Plug in the AC adapter or power connection and power on the Ingenico while holding down the “1” button at the same time, until a star (*) appears on the screen.         


4) The star (*) will display very briefly about one second after powering on, at this point you must quickly type “3,4,6” on the keypad.  


If you see the NCR logo or any other screens then the boot sequence has progressed too far, and you may use the Minus (-) and Clear buttons to restart the device if necessary.

5) You will see “LLT” displayed if the code entry was successful.  

6) Connect the USB dongle to the Ingenico USB port and then press the Minus (-) and Clear buttons to reboot.     



7) Hold down the “4” key during the boot up sequence until the screen displays “USB Mass Storage.” This will be followed by a version number and “Software Activate.”      


Wait about 30 seconds and the device will reboot automatically.

8) You may see an initialization screen after first reboot. Wait 30 seconds and it will reboot and initialize automatically.  


9) Once the device boot has completed and displays the NCR logo, disconnect the AC power adapter or power connector, disconnect the USB dongle, reconnect the serial cable to the POS and then reconnect the power.


This completes the firmware update. Consult your Counterpoint support partner for assistance completing the remaining requirements for enabling EMV support

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