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Error: Selection requires Multi-Site

Author: Reference Number: AA-02651 Views: 4678 Created: 08/03/2015 03:05 PM Last Updated: 08/03/2015 03:05 PM 0 Rating/ Voters

SYMPTOM: When launching Counterpoint you receive the following error:

You hit OK, and you can proceed to login to Counterpoint

CAUSE: The specified user is set to display a home action that no longer exists. In this scenario this particular site, is no longer replicating, which was set to display when opening Counterpoint.

FIX: Once logged into Counterpoint, navigate to Setup/System/User Preferences. Pull up the specified user, and change the Home action to something else, that is available in the list. By default Touchscreen is set to display upon logging into Counterpoint.

In my example below, we have selected the Home action to display Users in the drop down list.

Select save in the upper left hand corner. Exit out of Counterpoint and test it out!

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