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Setting up Avg Cost in the Zoom Feature in POS Touchscreen

Author: Reference Number: AA-02557 Views: 2189 Created: 05/15/2015 10:24 AM Last Updated: 05/15/2015 10:24 AM 0 Rating/ Voters

Setting up Avg Cost in the Zoom Feature in POS Touchscreen

1         Question

Is there a way to set up in the POS function on the item zoom so that you can quickly see the average cost of an item??  I keep customizing it to see it, but it does not save that way.

Sometimes we need to be able to access the costs from POS.

2      Solution

There is a way to do this so that you can see the avg cost in the zoom function. To do this, you can type in an item in the touchscreen and click on the zoom button next to the item search.

This will take you to the zoom window.

You can actually change what you see in the zoom menu. To do this, go to the bottom of the window and click ‘Options’, then select ‘Customize’.

This will take you to the Customize zoom option.

Press the inventory tab, and you can get to this menu.

Here, you can remove ‘Bin-1’ and replace it with Average Cost.

Click on the ‘Bin-1’ and press remove. Then Click on Average Cost, and press add.

You can place it anywhere on the fields to display window.

Once finished, press OK and you can see the new column in the Zoom window.

To make sure that you see this from now on, press Options again and this time click on  ‘Save As’.

Make sure the ‘Save as Default’ box is checked and type a friendly name to save. Then press OK.

Now the new column will forever be a part of the zoom function.

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