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Creating a discount code

Author: Reference Number: AA-02555 Views: 2758 Created: 05/15/2015 10:23 AM Last Updated: 05/15/2015 10:23 AM 0 Rating/ Voters

Creating a Discount Code

1         Add Code in Discount Codes

A discount code can be created to help discount items for your customers. For this article we will discount $20 off the ‘MAX-MDT’ order.

First, we will need to go to Setup / Point of Sale / Discount Codes

Here you can actually create the code itself. First type a Code name.

Then type the description of what the code does.

There are 4 discount types:

  • Prompted Percent – This allows a prompt to come up to change the default percentage created.

  • Percent – The percentage selected to take off the order.

  • Prompted Amount – This allows a prompt to come up to change the default amount created.

  • Amount – The amount selected to take off the order.

Depending on what you type you choose, you can then choose the percentage or amount you wish to take off. For this article, we will take off $20.

For apply to, choose to take the amount or percentage off the line item (the item itself) or the document (the whole order).

Min. qualifying amt is the minimal amount that the customer must spend before the discount can be applied.

Valid For is where the discount can be used.

In-store means the discount can be used only in store.

Online means the discount can only be used online.

Both means the discount is applicable in both in-store and online.

Once finished, press Save.

2      Adding discount code to touchscreen

The final step is to add the discount to the touchscreen menu. Go to Setup / Point of Sale / Touchscreen Codes to do this.

In the editor menu, you can add an action in the ‘Action’ tab.

Choose Enter Document Discount

Then you can add an option image to customize the look in the ‘Image’ area

Type the Name of the button in the ‘Caption’ Area

Write an optional hint in the ‘HINT’ box, a ShortCut in the ‘shortcut’ box.

In Page Action, you choose the page that the button allows you to go to, if you are setting up a page button.

On the last section, put in the discount Code that you just created.

Once you are finished, click on another box and the button will appear on the screen.

When you are finished, press Close on the button Editor and press save on the touch codes menu.

The Next time you open the touchscreen, you will see that button setup.

Once finished, press ‘save’.

Go back to the touchscreen and type in the item again, but after you do, click on the button that you just created.

You can now apply the discount. Please bear in mind that changing the discount will also change the tax for that order.


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