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Adding a menu item to your custom menu

Author: Reference Number: AA-02502 Views: 3331 Created: 03/10/2015 12:16 PM Last Updated: 03/10/2015 12:16 PM 0 Rating/ Voters

Adding a Menu Item to your Custom Menu

1       Go to Setup / System / Menu Codes

This will be the location to where you can update what either you or your employees use or have access to in CounterPoint.

Menu codes are connected to Security codes, so you want to choose the menu code that either Manager or POS uses.

Once you choose the correct code, press the menu editor button.

2      Adding the Menu Item

In the Menu Editor, you will see 3 columns:

  1. Settings – This allows you to edit the functions of the items you are adding.

  2. Custom – This is your menu that you are currently using. You can add things here to update what you have access to.

  3. Default – This is the default menu that CounterPoint has.

To add a menu item, you can either create an item which can do a custom function for you, or you can choose an item from the default menu and drag it over to the custom menu so that you can use it.

You can also remove items from the custom menu as a way of restricting access to certain users, based on the requirements of your company.

To create an Item: you can go to the bottom of the screen and press ‘New >>’. To create a folder to put new items in, you must click on the top Custom Menu folder and press ‘New >>’ and select ‘Folder’. To create a menu item within a specific folder, you must click on that folder and press ‘New >>’ and select ‘Menu Item’.

Once you create the item or folder, you can go to the settings on the left and choose what you can do with this item. First, choose the Command type, the command, arguments if needed, and optionally an image and button image to go along with it.

Once finished, press close. The screen will ask you to save. Press yes.

You will be returned to the Menu Codes. Press the purple disk to save the menu. Once you click, the menu will immediately update and you will see the new item or folder when you explore to it.

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