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Creating a new TouchScreen Menu

Author: Reference Number: AA-02501 Views: 2163 Created: 03/10/2015 12:14 PM Last Updated: 03/10/2015 12:14 PM 0 Rating/ Voters

Creating a new TouchScreen Menu

1      Creating TouchScreen Code

When you create a new touchscreen, you must first create a new touch code. To access this code, log in to CounterPoint and go to: Setup / Point of Sale / Touch Code

This will take you to the touchscreen codes menu.

First type in a new code (ex. NEWTSCREEN) then press tab and you can enter in a description.

Then press button editor.

2      Manually Configuring New TouchScreen

On the button editor page, 2 new screens will appear.  The smaller screen will be the actual button editor.

In this editor there will be 5 tabs that you can configure to make the menu more customizable.


For the General tab, you can customize how the button will look on the menu. You can change the shape, size, move the text inside the button and even add images. Once finished, on the bottom right or top right of your bigger window, click on a button shape. This will take you to the Button tab.

In this tab is where you actually configure the buttons. You first click ‘New Page’ and then continue to create the button. You can add in the action that happens when you press the button in realtime, add the image inside the button, add captions and hints, decide what the color the button will be and the page action. Once you finish with that button, click on the space next to it and create a new button.


Once you finish with creating all the buttons, you can then go to the layout tab and decide where the buttons should be located on your touch screen. 

Once you finish setting up your menu, press close, then you will be back at the main code menu. Make sure to save the code before leaving.

3      Adding the New Touch Screen to any registers

Once you finish setting up the touch screen, you can then go to Setup / Point of Sale / Stations and select which store and station you wish to change

Once you find the drawer and store you want, head over to the ‘Touchscreen code’ area and press the magnifying glass and select the new touchscreen code you just created and press save.

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