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Customizing customer statement email text

Author: Todd Chaplin Reference Number: AA-01990 Views: 1670 Created: 10/15/2013 04:22 PM Last Updated: 05/18/2015 04:33 PM 0 Rating/ Voters


 CounterPoint version 8.4. or higher.  Accounts Receivable option.  Customer statement emailing configured and working.



When sending customer statements via email it is possible to personalize the Subject line and the body of the email to include the clients name.  To do so

  1. Select Setup > Customers > Control to display the Customer Control window and click the A/R Processing tab.

  2. In the E-mail subject field, enter the subject you want to use by default for e-mailed A/R statements (e.g., Your statement from Camptown Golf).

  3. In the E-mail body field, enter the body text you want to use by default for statements sent via e-mail (e.g., Hello %CUST_NAM%. Your statement is attached. Thank you for your business!).

    CounterPoint will replace %CUST_NAM% with each customer's name.

  1. Save your changes and close the Customer Control window.

Applies To

 CounterPoint version 8.4. and later

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