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Raiser's Edge Integration: Item Mapping

Author: Todd Chaplin Reference Number: AA-00483 Views: 2462 Created: 09/22/2012 11:04 AM Last Updated: 09/22/2012 11:12 AM 0 Rating/ Voters


Raiser's Edge

Raiser's Edge Integration


 In order for donations and memberships to be transferred between The Raiser’s Edge and CounterPoint SQL, links between these records (donations and memberships) must be mapped to items in CounterPoint SQL.

To create links between The Raiser’s Edge donations and memberships and CounterPoint SQL items, access the Item Mapping Tab in the Setup menu. The funds and categories to choose from in this menu will be populated from your installation of The Raiser’s Edge. The items to select will be populated from your CounterPoint SQL item database.
Access the Setup menu from the Main screen.

To create a new donation or membership interface click the Add Item icon, and a new line will be created.
Using the drop-down menu, choose which fund the membership or donation will be associated with from the Fund menu.
If the item is a donation, the Program – Category and Subcategory fields can be left blank. (Watch Video)

For Memberships, use the drop-down menu to choose the program the membership is associated with. Use the subcategory field if applicable.
Clicking the Item area of the record will bring up a searchable list of items in CounterPoint SQL. Choose the CounterPoint SQL item record that will be associated with the membership or donation in The Raiser’s Edge. (Watch Video)

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